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NeuroBioMat (NBM), a medical technology company that has developed an implantable medical device focusing on spinal cord repair using tissue engineering techniques, has been accepted in the U.S. FDA's Total Product Lifecycle Advisory Program (TAP) for its SPINEREP technology. This program is open to breakthrough devices early in the development process by guiding them through the entire product lifecycle, ensuring regulatory compliance and market adoption. The FDA has previously acknowledged SPINEREP technology, granting it Breakthrough Designation Technology status. NBM remains committed to advancing SCI treatment and to make a significant impact on spinal cord-injured patients’ lives.

NeuroBioMat's polymer medical device, SPINEREP, which is indicated to treat traumatic non-penetration spinal cord injury, has been granted "Breakthrough Device Designation” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a technological breakthrough. This award provides access to the FDA's new program which aims at facilitating quicker and more direct passage for critically ill patients to novel medical devices of this kind.

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