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NBM is grateful for the support of its private and corporate investors that helped to bring this technology to life.  


Thanks to a first round of funding, NBM is developing its production facilities and will soon be ready to manufacture SPINEREP for the first clinical trial on humans.

NBM would like to especially thank BPI, which granted a start-up loan enabling NBM to further pursue its development.


NBM has reached important milestones in managing strategic partnerships with contract manufacturing organizations for the industrialization of our SPINEREP hydrogel as well as laboratories which establish the biological evaluation plan for our device.  These strong alliances are the building blocks to making this technology achieve its medical success and change the lives of patients around the world who eagerly await a breakthrough of this kind.

Would you like to find out more about potential investment opportunities in this neurotechnology sector? 


Contact us to speak to an investment professional.

Image by Raphaël Biscaldi
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